Blue Roots Keruing Truck Flooring Boards – the trusted choice for heavy-duty transportation. Crafted from high-quality Keruing hardwood, our truck flooring boards are designed to meet the demanding needs of the trucking industry, providing unmatched strength, durability, and performance.

Blue Roots understands the importance of reliable truck flooring. That’s why we’ve chosen Keruing and Angelim Pedra, hardwoods known for their exceptional toughness and resilience. Our truck flooring boards are engineered to withstand heavy loads, constant wear, and extreme conditions, ensuring your fleet is always ready to tackle the toughest challenges.

Keruing and Angelim Pedra’s natural resistance to rot, insects, and decay makes bot an ideal choice for truck flooring. Our boards are built to endure harsh weather, frequent cargo movement, and rough handling, providing a sturdy and secure surface that keeps your cargo protected during transport.

At Blue Roots, we are committed to delivering excellence. Our  truck flooring boards are carefully selected and processed to meet stringent quality standards. The smooth, splinter-free surfaces offer optimal traction, facilitating safe loading and unloading operations, and minimizing the risk of accidents.