Blue Roots Timber…


Established in 2013, Blue Roots is a global timber supplier with production based in Malaysia.
Our dedicated team takes pride in sourcing and producing the finest quality sustainable timber available.

With a wealth of experience in lumber selection, trade, and production, we identified an opportunity to meet the growing demand for certified sustainable timber.
We offer a wide range of excellent rough lumber, timber, and finished products sourced from four continents, delivered with meticulous care and service to your location.

Our headquarters and production center in Malaysia, with over 100 professionals, serve as the heart of our operations. We also have teams in Africa, Latin America, North America, and the European Union, ensuring the highest standards of production, quality control, and transportation.”


At Blue Roots Timber…

At Blue Roots Timber, we meticulously select the highest quality sustainable lumber and transform it through sawing, planing, shaping, coating, and production into raw, semi-finished, and finished timber products tailored for the European market.

Our commitment to sustainability is evident in our sourcing practices; we only work with certified and inspected lumberers, ensuring that our timber is harvested responsibly.

With years of experience, we recognized a gap in the market for genuinely sustainable timber products from start to finish—from selecting sustainably logged timber to delivering finished products to our customers.

Our primary focus is on exporting value-added sustainable timber products to the European and North American markets. To achieve this, we rely on our dedicated team, whom we trust to lead Blue Roots with integrity and expertise.

Investing in our team is a fundamental part of our mission, as we believe it fosters trust and drives excellence in everything we do.
Our core purpose lies in our unwavering dedication to sustainable timber products, carefully selected from forest concessions worldwide.


With over a decade of experience, we have observed a significant opportunity in the timber market, particularly for trading high-end quality semi-finished and finished products. We are committed to continuing this growth trajectory in the future.

At Blue Roots, we prioritize quality and long-term sustainability over being the cheapest option in the market. Our belief is in delivering the best, not the cheapest.

You can trust that what Blue Roots supplies is exactly what you see. We maintain consistent quality by owning our manufacturing facilities, in partnership with IMI.

Service Excellence is at the core of our values. If any issues arise in our products or processes, we address them promptly and ensure customer satisfaction.